The time for After-School is NOW!

Is your student interested in joining an After-School activity or club?! If so, check out the Stone After-School Google Site to register.   

Students will need to be logged into their email to access the site. There are over 25 virtual activities to choose from this quarter, with more to be added throughout the school year.  The After-School program is FREE, and because we’re virtual this year, clubs will be co-sponsored by facilitators from Liberty, Franklin, Rocky Run and Lanier Middle Schools.

Instructions for how to register:

1. Students fill out the online “Program Registration Form” on front page of the Google Site page.
2. Next, go to the “After-School Club Registration” page. 
3. Once there, scroll down to the “Club Descriptions and Registration Matrix” section.  There you’ll be to see all of the club offerings for this quarter.
4. After deciding which clubs you’d like to join, click “Enroll” and remember to answer that you’re a Stone Middle student.
5. Finally, click to “Join” the club you’ve selected.

Club sponsors will meet in live sessions with students via Google Meets, BBCU sessions, and Discord.  Students can enroll in as many clubs as they would like depending on their schedule. We ask they you only enroll in the clubs you plan to attend. If you have any questions, please email Mr. Anderson, or

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