How to Register for After-School Clubs

Signing up to be a part of the After School Program here at Stone is super easy.  It requires these three simple steps:

Step 1:  Fill out the online Registration Form From your computer, login using your student credentials ( and go here:  On the front page, just scroll down and fill out the Registration Form.

Step 2:  Find the Club for you While still on the Stone After School Google Site, click the page that says, “After School Club Registration”.  Once there, you’ll see the activity Matrix that shows all of the current club offerings for the quarter.  Each club has a short description of what it offers, the day(s) of the week it meets and the time.

Step 3:  Select Your Club and Enjoy! Finally, select which club you’d like to try by first, clicking the link to “enroll” into that club from the Matrix.  Lastly, “join” the Google Classroom or BBCU link and you’re all set! We do ask that you please, please, please make sure that when you attend club sessions that you make sure you SIGN-IN EACH TIME YOU COME THE SESSION!  Keeping track of the attendance numbers helps us manage class sizes.

By Stone After School

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