Second Quarter Activity Calendar is LIVE!

We are proud to announce the clubs and activities that will be offered from now until the end of the quarter! There are a lot new clubs for you to sign up for. To view the Activity Calendar, click on the .PDF link here: Activities Calendar_2Q202122 REMIXX

Remember, you must sign up for the session(s) you plan to attend for that week in this After School Weekly Sign Up Form, also found in Student All Schoology course. You must be signed up to attend sessions! (Weekly)

Students staying after school for help in a particular subject area (English, Science, etc.) will be allowed to do during the A-session of programming, 2:30-3:30pm. Please make sure you sign up to do so with your teacher prior to staying after! Teachers will be available for in-person instruction during the following days:

Tuesdays – Social Studies/Civics/English
Wednesdays – Science/Math
Thursdays – Electives/P.E.

Students will be required to SIGN IN for attendance keeping purposes while they’re in their club during their club session.

By Stone After School

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