December Closure Dates

The After-School Program will be closed the week of December 17-21.  There will be no late buses running that week with the exception of Thursday, December 20, for students that will be attending the Winter Party.

Happy holidays and enjoy your winter break!

Second Quarter Activity Calendar is Live!!!

Today, Wednesday, Nov. 7 marks the beginning of our new quarter here at Stone.  What that also means is a fresh, new quarter of activities.  This quarter we’re proud to announce some old staples, along with new clubs that you’ll be able to participate in this quarter.  Here are the new clubs for 2Q:

– Flex and Sweat Club (with Mr. Davis)
– Panther Art Club (with Mrs. Scheetz)
– Random Acts of Kindness Club (with Ms. Outlaw)
– Newspaper Club (with Mrs. Harrison-Ward)
– Portrait Drawing Club (with Mr. Dickason)

Also, our Stone Basketball League season begins Nov. 27!

Don’t forget, you can still stay after and participate in our continuing 1Q clubs including LEGO Robotics, Anime Club, Drama Club, Jazz Band and “Nothin’ but Treble”.

After-School Closed Friday, Oct. 12

On Friday, Oct. 12, Westfield High School will be using the Stone parking lot and cafeteria from 3-5pm to stage their annual Homecoming celebration and parade.  Friends and family from our Sully community will all converge here as we celebrate our Bulldogs!

Due to the high expectancy of people, traffic, and road closures, there will be no After-School program on Friday.

Congrats to the newest SPDT: Jazz team members!

First, the coaches would like to thank everyone that tried out for this year’s Jazz team!  The level of commitment you all showed learning the tryout dance was beyond incredible.  Without further ado, welcome to the team the following:

1530282, 1560822, 1527525, 1543043, 1527658

1597081, 1568850, 1556430, 1595657

Congrats again!  Practices will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the dance season (late March) from 4:00-5:00pm.

2018 Stone Futstal League Schedule

This Wednesday (and Thursday) will see the return of our annual indoor soccer league!  The teams have been selected by our players and eight teams will do battle.  Teams will play games starting at 3:30pm in the gym in our speed soccer games.  Attached is the official schedule in which the teams will play, including the playoff and championship game match.


2018 Futsal League Schedule

We look forward to making this season’s league as great as last seasons!


October Program Closure Dates

Due to program maintenance throughout the school year, along with the unavailability of part of the school (i.e. cafeteria, gymnasium, classrooms), the program will not be open during certain days of each month.

Here are the dates that the will not be open for the month of October:
5TH, 8TH , 17TH, 26TH

We do, in advance, apologize for any inconvenience this will cost.

Congrats to the newest SPDT: Hip-Hop Team members

First, the coaches would like to thank everyone that tried out for this year’s Hip-Hop team!  The level of commitment you all showed learning the tryout dance was beyond incredible.  Without further ado, welcome to the team the following:

1491818, 1485245, 1692040, 1515021, 1530043, 1560186, 1545916, 1573017

1557242, 1628357, 1557095, 1546144, 1525973, 1530100, 1556934, 1559229

Congrats again!  Practice begins Tuesday and will be on both Tues/Thurs throughout the dance season (early April) from 2:25-3:30pm.  There will also be Saturday practices at Stone from 12-2pm starting soon.

SPDT – Jazz Team Tryouts start Monday, Oct. 1

Tryouts for the Stone Panthers Dance Team – Jazz Team begin Monday, Oct. 1, at 4:15-5:30pm in the gym.   This is a competition team that will be coached by two varsity captains from the Westfield Dance Team.  Students will be given a routine to learn and to practice over the next couple of days.  The tryout will continue on Wed. (4:15-5:30pm).

Please wear comfortable jazz or sneakers to the tryout.  For more information, please check them out on Instagram at @stonepanthersdance.

Program Starts Monday, Oct. 1

The Prowlin’ Panthers After-School Program starts Monday, Oct. 1, 2018.  We would like to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused with the delay in getting our website/webpage updated.  Now that all of the bugs have been worked out, please check out our site as we’ve updated all of our pages in preparation for this 2018-19 school year.

The Activities Calendar for the First Quarter can found in our Documents in .PDF form.  Also there you’ll find our registration form for this school year.

New this year is that the program will end each day at 4:30pm.  Late bus days will continue to run three days a week, Tuesdays-Thursday.

If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to email Mr. Anderson at