Still Don’t Know How to Register for After-School Clubs? Here’s How!

Signing up to be a part of the virtual after-school program here at Stone is super easy.  It requires these three simple steps:

Step 1:  Fill out the online Registration Form From your computer, login using your student credentials ( and go here:  On the front page, just scroll down and fill out the Registration Form.

Step 2:  Find the Club for you While still on the Stone After School Google Site, click the page that says, “After School Club Registration”.  Once there, you’ll see the activity Matrix that shows all of the current club offerings for the quarter.  Each club has a short description of what it offers, the day(s) of the week it meets and the time.

Step 3:  Select Your Club and Enjoy! Finally, select which club you’d like to try by first, clicking the link to “enroll” into that club from the Matrix.  Lastly, “join” the Google Classroom or BBCU link and you’re all set! We do ask that you please, please, please make sure that when you attend club sessions that you make sure you SIGN-IN EACH TIME YOU COME THE SESSION!  Keeping track of the attendance numbers helps us manage class sizes.

Sign up now for D&D/Anime/Creative Club

Mr. Dickason is ready for you to join his block of offerings for Thursdays throughout the first quarter! For those of you that are new, Mr. Dickason runs an array of different clubs and activities during his Thursday block of the After-School Program. Starting this week, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in one of our post popular clubs running this school year.

Starting at 2:30, D&D Club, better known as Dungeons & Dragons, will be held during A block until 3:30pm. Shortly after, Anime/Creative Club will run during B block until 4:30pm. For those of you that would like to register, please do so by following this link:

You must be logged into your account in order to register. The sessions will me via Google Meet. A classroom code will be sent to you upon registration.

The time for After-School is NOW!

Is your student interested in joining an After-School activity or club?! If so, check out the Stone After-School Google Site to register.   

Students will need to be logged into their email to access the site. There are over 25 virtual activities to choose from this quarter, with more to be added throughout the school year.  The After-School program is FREE, and because we’re virtual this year, clubs will be co-sponsored by facilitators from Liberty, Franklin, Rocky Run and Lanier Middle Schools.

Instructions for how to register:

1. Students fill out the online “Program Registration Form” on front page of the Google Site page.
2. Next, go to the “After-School Club Registration” page. 
3. Once there, scroll down to the “Club Descriptions and Registration Matrix” section.  There you’ll be to see all of the club offerings for this quarter.
4. After deciding which clubs you’d like to join, click “Enroll” and remember to answer that you’re a Stone Middle student.
5. Finally, click to “Join” the club you’ve selected.

Club sponsors will meet in live sessions with students via Google Meets, BBCU sessions, and Discord.  Students can enroll in as many clubs as they would like depending on their schedule. We ask they you only enroll in the clubs you plan to attend. If you have any questions, please email Mr. Anderson, or

We’re going virtual!

We’re glad to announce that the start of the VIRTUAL Prowlin’ Panthers After School Program will be on Monday, Sept. 21!  The program start times will be broken into two A and B sessions:

2:30-3:30pm for A-session
3:30-4:30pm for B-session.

The program will run 5 days a week and will offer both synchronous and asynchronous activities.

And what’s great about this year’s offerings is that since we’re going virtual, you will now be able to join clubs and activities with students from our Region V friends (Liberty, Lanier, Rocky Run, Franklin) and fellow Schoology pilot school friends (Twain, Kilmer, Hayfield, Irving, Cooper).

Future Activity Calendars will be posted on the “Documents” tab and will change every quarter.  For updates, please check back often for updates.

If you have any questions, email Mr. Anderson!