After-School Program Kicks Off Tue., Oct. 5!


We’re proud to announce that The Panther’s Lair, the official after school program here at Stone Middle School, will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 5!

We sincerely apologize for the delay. Mr. Anderson has returned to Stone while still recovering from a ruptured Achilles to set up our program and ensure that all of our students have a fun (and SAFE) return to after school activities!

For the remainder of the first quarter, the program will run only 3-days a week (Tuesday-Thursday) from Oct. 5 until Oct. Oct. 28. Late buses will be available for students starting this week, too, and will depart from Stone between 4:30-4:50pm.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the program will run 4-days a week (Tuesday-Friday). While the first quarter of programming will be light on clubs on activities, the second quarter will be filled with more academic and recreational offerings that will be held on both A and B sessions, from 2:30-4:30pm.

Finally, there are no sign-ups required for students to attend clubs! Students will have their attendance taken by either the teacher they’re staying with or the club/activity sponsor. More information will come out later in October about the virtual club offerings for second quarter.

Be on the look out for the new first quarter Activity Calendar!

By Stone After School